Information For Families

If you are a parent interest in home-based child care, we welcome you to consider our service. We are an affordable and flexible alternative to long day care, in home care or child care centers, providing your child with care in a nurturing home environment.

All registered Educators have a variety of daily programs and routines for the small group of children they care for in their homes, so you are assured your child will be able to play and learn while being cared for in the home of a qualified educator.

Who can attend

- Children aged 0 to school age, i.e. babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers

- School-aged children (before and after school care and vacation care)

- Educators can have a maximum of 4 under school aged children in care with a total of 7 children at any one time (including school-aged children).

Hours Available

Our educators offer a variety of hours and days for childcare. Some also offer evening, overnight and weekend care. Please contact the coordination unit on 6569 4222 to enquire about the availability.

Fees & Rebate Information

Families will be able to access family day care for an affordable fee. All educators have their own fee schedules, which are available for parents to discuss at the time of interview. Child Care Subsidy is provided by the Australian Government to assist with the cost of care.

Finding the right educator for your child

We have a network of 20 educators who offer a variety of days and hours child care, please contact the coordination unit on 6569 4222 and we will try to match your needs with regard to location and hours with the most suitable educator for your child.

What you need to enrol your child for care


- Childs birth certificate

- Immunisation records

- Customer Reference Number (CRN) for yourself and the child or children you wish to enrol.

- Details of emergency contacts. Name, address, phone, mobile number.

- Doctors details (if any)

- Dentist details (if any)

- Medicare card.

- Details of Health Fund and Ambulance Fund.

- Custody Orders (if any)

- Medical Management Plans. E.g. allergy management, asthma management

- $20.00 enrolment fee (you will receive a hat)

About our family day care services:

Nambucca Valley Family Day Care is regulated under the Education and Care Services National Regulations and the Child Care and Protection Act of 1988.

All our educators have been fully checked and approved as suitable persons to work with children and providing a safe home environment.

Our educators care for groups of up to 4 children not attending school and up to a total of 7 children under 12, which includes the educator’s own children, if any.

Our educators implement appropriate programs which include fun activities and experiences that follow the child’s interests and will assist them in their development and learning.

Contact us to enquire about our current vacancies on (02) 6569 4222

To find out if you are eligible for Child Care Subsidy contact Centrelink on

13 61 50

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